Our Services


Quality Cost-Effective Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Oregon since 1987.  

Eligibility/Vocational/Independent Evaluation 

Authorized Training Plan Development 

Vocational/Ergonomic Assessment 

Early Return to Work Assistance 

Labor Market Research  

Work site Modification  

Case Management

Career Counseling  

Job Development 

Job Placement 

Job Analysis 



Assist Spanish/Non-English Speaking Workers  

Vocational Expert Testimony    

Catastrophic Injury  

Multiple Injuries  

Head Injury  

We currently work with: 

Workers' Compensation Dept., 

various insurance companies, 

Oregon Voc. Rehab. Services (OVRS), 

local colleges and universities, 

various Oregon employers,

 divorce/workers' comp/personal injury attorneys, 

injured workers, and 

Oregonians with disabilities